Delph Community Association

Police & Home Watch

Neighbourhood Police – Contact Numbers:

  • Non-Emergency 0161 872 5050
  • Saddleworth Office Number 0161 856 4523
  • Mark Clough (PC 9098) 0161 856 4523

Police Community Support Officers

  • Monica Seville (PCSO 20263)
  • Kath Crompton (PCSO 65597)

If you have a neighbourhood policing issue please call your team on Office Number above or email

30% of Burglaries in Oldham are caused by Insecurities. Doors and Windows left unlocked. LOCK UP!

What is Home Watch ?

Greater Manchester Police are committed to the Concept of Home Watch, whereby residents and Police co-operate in a joint venture aimed at reducing crime opportunities.

The basic objectives of Home Watch are to:-

1. Reduce local opportunities for Crime, thereby deterring would be thieves and vandals.
2. Establish a community spirit so that mutual co-operation and communication can be achieved. I.e. looking out for each other, and working together when confronted with community problems.
3. Inform the street co-ordinator and the Police of any suspicious activity. (incidents in
Progress should, of course, always be reported to the police).
4. Encourage people to keep a “weather eye” on the more vulnerable residents i.e. children and the elderly.

It is the individual members of a Home Watch Scheme that give it its real meaning. Their day-to-day interest and awareness is the key factor which determines how well the scheme works.

It is important that members appreciate that the Police do not wish to run Home watch Schemes. Whilst the Police will render every assistance in getting the Scheme off the ground, it is fundamentally the members scheme and its success will depend on the enthusiasm of the co-ordinator and local residents. The Divisional Watch Scheme Administrator will offer his/her support and will help to sustain interest within Schemes by maintaining contact with the residents.

If you’re interested in starting a Homewatch scheme or just finding out more contact Pete Lee on or call 0161 856 9054.

Home Watch- Information
Make your Community more Secure
This is a reminder of what you can do to help to make your community more secure.

By being a good neighbour, and keeping an eye out for anything suspicious you can help to make your community more secure. These are some of the things that you should report:
• Strangers knocking on doors or peering through windows then disappearing around the back, or loitering suspiciously.
• Strangers hanging around schools, playing fields, etc and approaching children.
• Open windows in houses, letters or newspapers sticking out of letter boxes where the owners are out or away.
• Strangers trying car doors.
• Anything that you believe is suspicious.

DETAILS ARE IMPORTANT – Whenever you pass on information, remember that accurate descriptions of suspected people and vehicles, etc will save time and confusion.

This is the information the Police will need:

  • An exact description of what you have seen.
  • The time.
  • The place.
  • The person(s) involved: approximate age, sex, height, build, unusual characteristics, clothing worn, and any other distinguishing features.
  • The vehicles involved: registration number (even part of this number might help) make and model (if known), colour, type (saloon, estate, van etc) and direction of travel.IF IT IS AN EMERGENCY DIAL 999
    OTHERWISE DIAL 0161 872 5050
    OR CRIMESTOPPERS 0800 555 111