Delph's Public Benches

There are currently seven types of bench distributed around Delph not including those sited in the children's playgrounds or those supplied by the Parks and Countryside Dept.
For example: those at Pingle Glade.


Type 'A' are those with concrete supports and wooden slats, probably supplied by the Local Authority many years ago.

'B' have simple metal supports with wooden slats, possibly also old Local Authority supply.

'C' are a more modern design, more robust metal supports and wooden slats again probably supplied by the Local Authority, though in more recent years.

'D' is an older design, all metal and probably supplied by the L.A.

'E' are all metal of modern design, though the slats are painted to look like wood.

'F' are independent benches of individual design, supplied by private persons or bodies other than the L.A.


1. On Grains Road opposite Wood Farm, type 'F', all wood construction, faces South, needs varnishing. Supplied "In memory of Hetty Shackleton, died 3-5-66".

2. Stoneswood Road opp. M.A.C., type 'A', faces East, needs varnishing.
Although set back from the pavement it is often obscured by the long row of Wheely Bins placed there. If the bench was deemed redundant, the Bins would not obstruct the pavement. It would also be a good place for a Grit Bin , which would serve the bottom of Grains Road, Stoneswood Road, Woodhouse Knowl and all the surrounding pavements in that immediate area at the top end of King Street.

3. Stoneswood Road opp. "Snowman House", type 'B', faces East, needs cleaning.

4. Delph crossroads at the junction of "The Sound", type 'C', good condition.

5. Huddersfield Rd. New Delph, between The Sound and the Business Centre entrance type 'B', faces South. This is another bench which could be regarded as redundant; it may be that this seat was for people waiting to use the telephone, which has now been removed.

6. Junction of Denshaw Road and Lodge Lane, type 'C', faces South, new but needs varnishing.

7. Denshaw Road opp. entrance to Clifton Holme, two benches, both type 'A', facing South West. Both in very poor condition; I suggest they are redundant.

8. Coblers Hill by the grit box, type 'B', facing South, needs varnish.

9. Hill End Road by the entrance to The Independent Church, type 'C', faces North West, needs painting. I have just learned that O.M.B.C. has given permission for new vehicular access onto Hill End Road at the point where this bench is sited. They have suggested that the bench be swung round 90 degrees to re-site it facing North East .A neighbour has complained and would prefer it to be removed. Mike Buckley has suggested that a bench is needed in the Independent Church cemetery, perhaps bench Number 9 could be used.

10. "The Little Park", High Street type 'D', faces South, needs painting.

11. Delph Bridge by 'The Rose and Crown', type 'A', faces West, needs repair.

12. Gartside Street in the corner of The Chapel Garden by Delph Lamp, type 'F', facing South.

13. Gartside Street next to The Surgery opp. The Swan Nursery, two benches both type 'E', both new, supplied by L.A. through Local Councillor Alan Roughly.

14. There is also a sturdy wooden slatted bench, type 'F', fronting the Library under the canopy of the Millgate Arts Centre.

Of those supplied via the Parks and Countryside Dept. one in the corner of the picnic area in Pingle Glade needs repair and one in Ainley Wood Clough (overlooking Eagle Mill lodge) has disappeared altogether. This latter bench was very popular, situated beside the public footpath across the side of the hill just below Sevenacres and ought to be replaced.
I also believe two benches should be placed on Swan Meadow; one near to the Zip-slide and one at the top end (west end).

I have suggested above that four benches are redundant. They are sited at 2, 5, and7.
Despite this I believe there is some merit in placing two new benches along the river; one at Bridge End, on the grass bank beside the public footpath behind the Band Club and one similarly placed near to the bottom corner of Millgate Carpark overlooking the land behind Hindle Terrace.

In summary the proposals are that one existing bench (No.9) be re-sited and four benches be removed. And two benches are requested for new sites beside the river between Delph Bridge and Millgate Carpark.
In addition the Countryside and Parks dept. be asked to consider replacing the missing bench that overlooked Ainley Wood and two extra benches be supplied for Swan Meadow.

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