Sucess on Campaign to Save Dobcross Post Office

It is great to be able to say that we have been successful. In our campaign to save Dobcross Post Office. The letter came this morning saying that they have considered our arguments and have agreed that Dobcross sorting office will remain and so the Dobcross Post office is no longer in jeopardy. 

Defibrillators- securing a defib for every village.

Easy access to defibrillators can be the difference between life and death. Saddleworth school pupils have just collected funds to buy their own which is admirable. All the existing sites in the area are not available 24/7. Your three ward councillors have continued discussions with North West Ambulance service and can reveal that we have secured a unique offer for some funding from the Ambulance service where they will buy up to 10 for the villages of Saddleworth.
This is a fabulous offer but money is still needed for a box on the wall at £400 each and currently a planning application for £200 each. We will be lobbying Oldham council with regards to the planning fees. Your three ward councillors have pledged £3000 and Cllr John McCann is also keen to support this venture too.

We will likely need support from groups to raise funds for this and suggestions for possible locations. We have received some positive responses from some community associations and the Police.

Please call or email suggestions to Cllr Alan Roughley on 01457 870074 or

Until now it has been assumed that you need first aid training before you can use one. This is no longer the case; the machine will do all the analysis and talk people through it.
We feel that First Aid is important and people would feel happy with demonstrations and so we intend to work with the Ambulance service to provide some when we have got the defibrillators to be placed on site.

Asset review

Oldham council are reviewing their assets and plan to put up many pieces of land and buildings up for sale. St Chad’s in Uppermill could see the library sold off for offices or Castleshaw Education Centre sold off for a residential property.
We have been busy reviewing their initial proposals and have put in our initial objections to the sale of the above two proposals along with others.

A few examples include:
Opposing proposals for pay and display car parks in Saddleworth
Ward Lane, Diggle- planned to be used for residential development at an earlier stage. If this has to be the case it should be prioritised for affordable housing/housing to rent rather than huge mansion
Raised objection to the proposed sale of the Brownhill Visitors Centre
Suggested that a proposed development of land 38 – 50 Wool Road would be impractical
Strongly recommend that the Memorial Garden on Woods Lane is retained for community use
Strongly recommend the land at Churchfields is effectively a village green and should be retained for community use.
We endeavour to continue the fight in the next stage of the process.

If you have any issues that I may be able to help with then please do not hesitate to get in contact.

Kind Regards

Garth Harkness
Liberal Democrat Councillor Saddleworth North Ward Twitter: @garthharkness

Letter received 20 March 2014 from Garth Harkness