Councillor Garth Harkness has written an open letter printed below:

The contractors for the new Saddleworth school development have produced a website to provide information and address some misconceptions in relation to the new development.
The website outlines the details relating to the proposed development on the rear of the Diggle site. There is a consultation process where people can provide feedback. It will concentrate on the development and not the location of the site.
There are three exhibitions where people can look at the plans and provide feedback
The exhibitions will be held at the following venues and dates:-

3 June (Weds) 15.30-19.30 Satellite Centre, Wellington Road, Greenfield, OL3 7AL
8 June (Mon) 15.30-19.30 St Chads Church, Kiln Green, Diggle, OL3 5JY
11 June (Thurs) 16.00-19.30 Saddleworth School, High Street, Uppermill, OL3 6BU
There is a FAQ section on the website:
A Feasibility Study was undertaken by the EFA which looked at four possible locations for the new school, which were identified by Oldham Council:-

Option 1 – Diggle greenfield site – this option involved a new school building on greenfield land at the frontage land of the former WH Shaw Pallet Works site adjacent to Huddersfield Road and to the west of Diggle Brook.

Option 2 – Diggle pallet works site – this option proposed a new school building on land east of Diggle Brook and remote from Huddersfield Road.

Option 3 – Uppermill existing location – this option proposed a new building on the existing site in Uppermill, utilising an area near to the entrance currently occupied by existing school buildings.

Option 4 – Uppermill playing field – this option involoved locating a new building on the existing site in Uppermill, utilising the existing playing fields, which are at the north east of the site on a plateau and remote from the entrance to the site

The appraisal resulted in Option 2, the provision of a new school on the rear of the WH Shaw Pallet Works site in Diggle, both the Education Funding Agency and Oldham Council’s Cabinet selected and confirmed the site.

There is also a consultation on the highways options to improve access:

Option A: Two way traffic and traffic calming
Option B: Prioritised traffic flow using full time traffic lights
Option C: Prioritised traffic flow using give way signage
Option D: Prioritised traffic flow using part time traffic lights
It should be noted that these are just proposals at this stage. The council will consider other ideas and suggestions to inform the final design from the feedback received

If you have any current issues then please do not hesitate to get in contact

Kind Regards

Garth Harkness
Liberal Democrat Councillor Saddleworth North Ward Twitter: @garthharkness

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